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Singlehanded Sailing: The Experiences and Techniques of the Lone Voyagers

Year: 1976
Language: english
Author: Richard Henderson
Genre: Reference book
Publisher: International Marine Publishing Company
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-0877420620
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 324
Description: A surprisingly large number of sailors are making long, singlehanded voyages; at any
given time, dozens of solo voyagers are likely to be at sea crossing the various oceans of the
Yet for each such sailor, and even for the sailor who is only dreaming of crossing an
ocean or circumnavigating alone, there are many who want to make a lesser coastwise
passage by themselves as a test of their own abilities.
And for each of these, there are yet again many sailors who, although they have no
aspirations for singlehanded work, find themselves virtually sailing their craft with no one
really to rely on but themselves. In this group might be an owner who doesn't want to wait
ior a crew in order to move his boat from A to B; a parent whose spouse may be perforce
more involved with keeping small children on board the vessel than with other
aspects of seamanship; or someone in a small crew standing watch alone.
This book is for all of these sailors. For them Richard Henderson has studied carefully all
the available records of singlehanded sailors, both published and unpublished, and by
applying his own lifelong experience in sailing craft and his previous studies of the requirements
of good seamanship (he is the author of Sea Sense) to what these lone voyagers have
reported about their experiences and techniques, he has synthesized for the first time an
invaluable body of knowledge. His book examines every aspect of ocean
and coastal sailing from the point of view of the lone sailor, from the design, construction,
and fitting out of boats appropriate for singlehanding to the handling of the boat alone
under both normal and adverse conditions. There are separate chapters on such practical
subjects as self-steering and passage planning, as well as on more esoteric subjects, like the
history of singlehanded sailing and psychological aspects of cruising alone.
Singlehanded Sailing is a complete book on the subject. In an era when the value of
individual independence is well appreciated, this book can show the way to experiences
near the summit of such independence — the guiding of one's own vessel for a day or a year
relying only on oneself.



Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 21)

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