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Simulation model for an LNG ferry

Year: 2014
Language: english
Author: Andreas Rolland Moss
Genre: Research papers
Publisher: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Marine Technology
Edition: June 2014
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 145
Description: Simulators are widely used by the shipping community in feasibility studies, engineering, operational planning and training. The need for quality of the simulation model depends on the actual application and varies from a representative representation of a class of vessels to specific models for single ships. This MSc thesis will be linked to a Research Council of Norway project studying methods to validate simulation models through use of model tests and sea trials. The student will obtain sea trial data for a LNG ferry and PMM data from tests done at MARINTEK.
The main objective for this thesis is to develop, test and validate a deep and calm water simulation model for the actual LNG ferry "MF Landegode". The final simulation model should be based on simulation tools developed and applied by MARINTEK such as the manoeuvring plug-in SIMAN in the ShipX tool box or the simulation tool VeSim. In addition to IMO's standard manoeuvres ship specific low speed manoeuvres shall be used for validation of the simulation model.
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