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Meteorology and weather - Basic understanding

Year: 2022
Language: english
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Description: Basic understanding of meteorological phenomena
What you'll learn
Meteorology and weather - Basic understanding
All lessons are made as 3D animated videos.
Before the meteorology course starts, we will go through some basic physics, which can be good to have with you before the meteorology begins
In this course we go through the basics of meteorology, divided into 10 subchapters.
- Introduction to meteorology.
- Relative humidity.
- Conductive cloudformation.
- Type of clouds.
- Type of clouds part 2.
- Fronts.
- Fog and mist.
- High and low pressure.
- Wind.
- Permanent high and low pressure.
You will learn everything you need to know.
In this course we will go through basic meteorology. Before the metrology part starts, we will go through basic physics that might be nice to know before the metrology course starts. The first part covers basic physics including force, motion, pressure and density. The meteorology part of the course is divided into 10 subchapters. They are
1. Introduction to meteorology.
In the first subchapter of meteorology we will go through different forms of aggregation.
2. Relative humidity.
In the subsection relative humidity, we look at what the term means and how it can affect cloud formation.
3. Conductive cloudformation.
In the subchapter conductive cloud formation we will look at how clouds such as cumulus can be created.
4. Type of clouds.
In the subchapter type of clouds we will look at different type of clouds.
5. Type of clouds part 2.
This subchapter is a continuation of the previous one.
6. Fronts.
In the subchapter fronts we will look at cold fronts and warm fonts and how they can be created and what type of weather they generate.
7. Fog and mist.
In the subchapter fog and mist we will look at the differences between fog and mist.
8. High and low pressure.
In the subchapter high and low pressure we look at the differences between high and low pressure. What type of weather they generate and how they can be created.
9. Wind.
In the subchapter wind we will look at why and how wind is created.
10. Permanent high and low pressure.
In the last subchapter we will look at different permanent high and low pressure in the world and what impact they have on the weather.
Who this course is for
The course is made for everyone who wants to learn the basics of meteorology.


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