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Alone Around the World

Year: 1979
Language: english
Author: Naomi James
Genre: History
Publisher: COWARD, McCANN & GEOGHEGAN Publishers
Edition: First
ISBN: 0-698-10986-4
Format: PDF & EPUB
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 230
Description: Naomi James is the first woman to sail single-handedly around the world and at the same time break Sir Francis Chichester’s record for speed. Here is the first-hand narrative of her epic sea voyage—the thrilling story of how one woman challenged the elements, conquered fear and triumphed alone on the sea.
What would possess a perfectly sane, happily married woman of twenty-nine—a woman who had first tested her sea legs two years earlier, had never sailed single-handedly, and was furthermore prone to seasickness—to attempt a round-the-world voyage by herself in a 53-foot yacht? It is her in- definable spirit, a search for challenge, conquest and self-knowledge that comes through, that places Naomi James among the great adventurers of our time.
As a child on her family’s remote New Zealand farm, Naomi James was a painfully shy loner and a daydreamer. Eventually, struck with wanderlust, she made her way to Europe and met an English skipper who introduced her to the sea. The seaman, Rob James, became her husband and the ocean her second love.
In the summer of 1977 James announced her plan. Chay Blyth provided a boat, and James immediately set to work on the de- tails of outfitting and supplying it.
She set sail September 9, 1977, her only companion a black kitten named Boris. Problems developed early with the Sailomat
self-steering unit; her radio went dead; there were leaks in the bilge; she made frightening navigational errors; she languished for days in the doldrums; and she was frequently forced to climb the swaying mast for repairs. And then, three weeks short of reaching Cape Horn, the worst happened—Crusader capsized in the 30-foot waves of the Roaring 40’s.
But the gentler times were soothing and satisfying. She read her library of 200 books, listened to her favorite cassettes, sang to birds, whales and dolphins, and reflected on her own character. There were moments of ultimate misery when she was wet, sore, bone-tired, desperately missing Rob and feeling completely out of control; and there were moments of sublime contentment as the sails filled perfectly and the boat moved powerfully through a sparkling sea.
Although James was forced to dock twice for major repairs, her time of 271 days, 19 hours broke Sir Francis Chichester’s record for speed. Moreover, she is the first woman ever to round Cape Horn single-handedly.
Alone Around the World is a frank, vivid and enthralling account of an amazing lone voyage.
Additional info: NAOMI JAMES was named Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in January 1979. She has bought Express Crusader from Chay Blyth, and in 1980 she and her husband will compete separately in the Single-handed Transatlantic Race.



Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 9)

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