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Reflections on the Indo-Pacific: Perspectives from Africa

Year: 2021
Language: english
Author: Abhishek Mishra
Genre: Research papers
Publisher: Observer Research Foundation
ISBN: 978-93-90494-89-7
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 60
Description: The Indo-Pacific denotes a vast maritime zone, stretching from the littorals of East Africa and West Asia, across the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean, to the littorals of East Asia.[1] Some of the world’s large commercial trading routes traverse these waters. This vast geographic and strategic expanse, connecting the Indian and Pacific oceans, is increasingly being viewed as a global centre of gravity that engages and is of interest to many countries. Countries like France, Japan, India, the US, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK have developed policies to promote their reach in the region. Although developing international partnerships in the region is not new, the motives to embrace and promote the centrality of the Indo-Pacific in their maritime policies are diverse. While some countries are aiming to balance the competition and shape the maritime architecture in the region, others are developing strategies in response to China’s economic, political, and military expansion. Indeed, the Indo-Pacific is emerging as the new and expanded theatre of great-power contestation, with the African continent at the heart of such competition.



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