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No Return Ticket - Leg One - Outward Bound - California to Australia (Vol.1)

Year: 2017
Language: english
Author: Rowland S.
Genre: History
Publisher: Skip Rowland Enterprises
Edition: 2nd
ISBN: 0999183621
Format: EPUB
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 251
Description: Captain Skip Rowland shares his gripping true story of the theft and subsequent torching of his beloved sailboat on a desolate Mexican shore. After personally catching the thieves he later escapes the captivating allure of California’s glitzy lifestyle to sail his new 43 foot Endymion through the jaw dropping beauty of the South Pacific to Australia. This however is no ordinary voyage. Endymion is knocked down in the mid Pacific, nearly sliced in half by a vagabond freighter, grounded on a coral reef and survives the most severe weather in over 100 years crossing the Tasman sea. Courage, love, faith, bravado, and endurance are all in this openly honest memoir about the value—and cost—of resurrecting old dreams and living them out despite the risks. Rowland’s authentic voice will have you believing you are on deck as romance of the seas meets the reality of the journey.
Additional info: About the Author
Christened Jasper Morgan Rowland III, Skips first trip outside the womb was to the Chautauqua Lake Yacht Club, where he was re-named Skip - appropriate for the newest member of generations of sailors. Home is now in the mountains of British Columbia along the Columbia River, far from the oceans he came to love so much. After graduating college and a tour in the United States Marine Corps Skip founded what is now a manufacturers rep company of significance (Morgan Sampson USA) One of those "Ahaa" moments occurred when when his firm was awarded the distribution of Krazy Glue. The 69 cent wonder tube changed Skip's life, allowing retirement at age 46 to wander the world in a well fitted 43 foot yacht. It could have been a lackluster cruise but he managed to get into more trouble and oddball situations than one can imagine happening in a lifetime. No Return Ticket, (Leg One and Leg Two) are true adventure memoirs about real people in unreal situations. Skip is an award winning journalist and a sought after speaker.



Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 5)

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