curiousboy ® 18-Sep-2020 11:59
Hello Dear Sirs,
Good day. Can anyone please share CAD drawing files (like .dwg / Autocad) of machinery parts. It will be very helpful for study. Or suggest any way how to get these.
Thanks and best regards.
zxc 18-Sep-2020 12:46
Main engine
Attachments 6s50mc.dwg (425 KB, Downloaded: 80 times)

Main Engine

GOOGLE BOT 18-Sep-2020 12:46
zxc 18-Sep-2020 13:20
Here you are
Attachments Турбопрривод зачистного насоса2.dwg (214 KB, Downloaded: 54 times)
Attachments Турбопривод.frw (260 KB, Downloaded: 48 times)
Attachments Турбопривод.dwg (452 KB, Downloaded: 49 times)
Attachments Поршень .dwg (283 KB, Downloaded: 54 times)
Attachments маш_отделение.dwg (304 KB, Downloaded: 47 times)
Attachments Котел Aalborg.dwg (372 KB, Downloaded: 51 times)
Attachments Котёл AALBORG 09.06.10.frw (139 KB, Downloaded: 49 times)
Attachments клапан сборочный.dwg (211 KB, Downloaded: 43 times)
Attachments ДГ (2)7l23 30.dwg (182 KB, Downloaded: 45 times)
Attachments ГТН A1.dwg (252 KB, Downloaded: 55 times)
Attachments Выпускной клапан_B&W_6S50MC 2000.dwg (320 KB, Downloaded: 50 times)
Attachments втулка.dwg (778 KB, Downloaded: 57 times)
Attachments валопровод_16_05_2003.dwg (388 KB, Downloaded: 48 times)
Attachments man-bwdiesel 800+.frw (284 KB, Downloaded: 48 times)
Attachments 1. Котёл.frw (865 KB, Downloaded: 51 times)
shcherbakov 18-Sep-2020 15:01
шикарная подборка. осталось как то эту тему связать с разделом Marine Education.
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